Skype Can’t Connect Error | quick solution

Skype is an application where we get to connect with their closed ones. Skype as it offers video calling, chatting, group calls, etc. But, as it is really a boon for us to get Skype, at the same time Skype is also quite vulnerable to errors and glitches. All the applications are prone to some errors and so is Skype. In some instances, users get problems like Skype can’t connect error, freezing, and lagging issues in Skype, etc. These are some of the practical problems and has pragmatic solutions.

Speaking about the Skype error, you can seek experts’ help as it is a great idea when dealing with such errors.

If you are looking for some quick solutions to solve your issue on your own, then in this article you will get instant solutions.

But before that let us look at the causes of the Skype error.

Some Specific Causes of Skype Can’t Connect Error

The most common reason for getting Skype can’t connect error maybe your Skype is not updated. So, first check it if your Skype is updated or not. Next, your firewall might be corrupt. Moreover, always look up to Windows Update. Windows 10 automatically downloads the required updates of the app. Another reason might be the infection of virus or malware in your system. In most cases, it is seen that the users aren’t getting a proper internet connection or absolutely no connection whatsoever. Hence, checking the internet connectivity is a major thing to rest assured.

Their engineers have thoroughly researched the causes of Skype can’t connect and devised their tried and tested solutions. Hence, simply take a quick look at the solutions to get rid of the error by yourself.

Solutions To Solve Connectivity Issues With Skype In Windows 10

The first thing you should do is to check your Skype status. Sometimes you get Skype can’t connect error because of problems with Skype itself.

To check the status of Skype, go to the official web page of Skype. Click on the Skype icon thereby visiting it. Then go to help, after that go to the heartbeat option and check whether it is working or not.

1.Scan your device

The next method, you should perform is to scan your device. Many times if there is any virus present, it is the primary cause of Skype can’t connect error. So, run the full scan of your system and check if there is any virus present or not. If a virus is present, then eradicate it.

You can use Windows Defender to check for any malware attack. Go to the Settings and then click on Update and Security option. After that open Windows Defender from there and run a full scan.

Sometimes Windows Defender is unable to remove highly dangerous malware. So, to remove such malware, you need to download individual antivirus and remove malware.

2.Update your Skype

You need to update your Skype to the latest version. Go to the official website of Skype and see the newest version of Skype. Navigate to your Skype application. Then, go to the help section and then check for updates.

You can also take help of Windows Update. Press the Windows button from your keyboard and the “I” simultaneously. After that go to upgrade and security option and check for the latest updates. See the available updates and let the installation process complete. Finally, restart your laptop and see if Skype is working. If it is not working, then try the next solution.

3.Construct Your Firewall

Composing your firewall correctly enables your Skype to function in its full potential.

Firstly, see if your Skype is open, then you need to close it. It should not work in the background also. Now, open the firewall app. Here, you will get the list of programs installed in your device. Search for the Skype option and visit it. Connect your skype to the internet. Save the changes you made. Now restart the skype.

Another method you can do if the problem continues. You should uninstall the Skype and again reinstall it. Before doing uninstall backup your Skype data to be on the safe side.

The above methods will resolve your issue.