Easy Fixes For Skype Thread Creation Error

Skype thread creation error occurs when there is not enough storage space to execute the command. You may find several solutions on the internet to fix this issue. But, most of them may not work for you if you have the latest version of Skype. This article will present to you the latest solutions for the updated version of Skype.

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Causes Of Skype Thread Creation Error

  • This error can happen if an outdated video driver cannot cope with the latest changes in Skype’s performance.
  • The Internet Explorer which Skype requires might be missing from your computer.
  • Microsoft has addressed a bug in Skype. If such a bug persists, in your Skype account then you can face this issue.
  • The IRPStackSize parameter which Skype requires for transporting data might be insufficient.
  • An incompatibility can exist between Skype and a third-party app.

Methods To Resolve Skype Thread Creation Error

Update Skype

Check for the latest updates on Skype. And if such an update is available, Skype will start downloading and installing it. You can click on the ‘Update Now’ button to download the latest version of Skype.

Install Internet Explorer

Select your Windows product version to get the link for downloading Internet Explorer for the Windows.

Update The Graphics Driver

If you get Skype thread creation error during a video call or group call, your graphics driver may need an update. Open Device Manager and find Graphics  Drivers. Just right-click on it and select the Update Driver Software option. Select ‘Search automatically for an updated driver.’

Windows will scan online for drivers and install a new driver on your system. Windows may fail to find a GPU driver. Therefore, you need to update it manually.

Uninstall Raptr

If you receive Skype thread creation error while gaming with your friends, then Raptr is the main culprit. Replace Raptr with another software like Evolve for capturing the best gaming moments and tracking the gaming hours. You also need to disable Raptr from your computer to prevent it from creating this issue.

Edit IRPStackSize value in Registry

IRPStackSize parameter determines the number of stack locations that your Windows version uses. Increase this parameter to give enough working space to Skype so that it can remove the error. After making adjustments in this parameter, restart your computer. If the error remains on your PC, reboot your system and use the last two methods given below.

Downgrade Skype

Some users were facing this issue due to an internal bug. Therefore, they downgraded their Skype to a previous version and eliminated the error. So you can also try to fix this problem by uninstalling Skype and installing its older version. Finally, reboot your computer to check the existence of Skype thread creation error.

Replace Account Folders In-App Data

Some users have noticed that the problem happens with certain Skype accounts while other accounts function correctly. Therefore, log in to a different Skype account. If the problem does not repeat itself in that account, move some folders from the faulty account to this Skype account. You can apply this method when you are using multiple Skype accounts. The drawback of this method is that you will not get automatic updates when a new Skype version releases.

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