How To Solve Windows 10 USB Not Working Issue| Tech Help

Is your Windows 10 USB not working? Problem with the USB is something widespread among the Windows users. The problem mainly happens after upgrading to Windows 10. Are you facing the same problem? Go through the article and get the USB related problem resolved.


What Causes Windows 10 USB not Working?

There can be numerous reasons because of which you have to face USB not working Windows 10. These are some of the common causes.

  • Faulty USB ports
  • Problem with the power management settings
  • Defective Device
  • USB Device drivers are not installed

It is highly recommended to get experts’ help to resolve this kind of problem. Call at the toll-free visit official website helpline number to get the best tech experts. The engineers available there will provide you with the best possible solution to the problem.

Fix: Windows 10 USB Issues

#Solution 1: Restart Your PC

In some of the other cases, only restarting your PC can solve the problem for you. To reset your PC Press the Windows Logo from your Keyboard and Select the Restart option from the shutdown menu.

#Solution 2: Check The USB Devices

Give a close look to the USB device you are trying to connect. It can also be at fault, and you are facing the problem because of that. Remove the tool and compare it to another computer. Is it running ok? Then the USB device is not in the fault. You must have to proceed with some further solutions.

#Solution 3: Check The Power Management Settings

To save power, Windows switches your USB controllers off when not in use and switches on it back automatically when needed. But in some cases, this approach does not work. Follow the steps here to remove the cause of your Windows 10 USB issues.

Firstly, Open the device manager

Then, expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers branch

Double-click the first USB Root Hub device

Then, select the Power Management option tab in the right side

Uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power checkbox and Click OK

Repeat the steps for each hub

Problem not fixed yet? Let the experts help you fix windows 10 USB not working.