How to Sync iPhone to iTunes: Quick and Easy Steps

iTunes is just the perfect app for Apple devices which has everything to entertain you. Syncing your iPhone to iTunes allows you to share files and data between devices. When you sync iPhone to iTunes, iTunes will check if you have all the recent information. If you don’t, you can simply choose whatever you want to sync. Syncing your iPhone to iTunes is not a very difficult job, but if you face any error while trying to sync you can straight away connect to their proficient iPhone support team and receive quick solutions.

We are here to offer you long-term solutions if you want to sync iPhone to iTunes. Support consists of experienced technical experts provides accurate solutions to all issues. You first need to detect why is your iPhone unable to connect to iTunes.

How to Sync iPhone to iTunes

First, verify if your iPhone is syncing with iClouds because this often restricts your device to sync with iTunes. If this is the reason that is restricting your sync with iTunes, then go to the Settings app and tap on your Apple id. Search for iClouds and turn off Photos, Contacts, and Calendars. Anything syncing with iClouds will not allow syncing with iTunes.

iTunes will also not sync if it doesn’t detect your device. This again can be caused by various other issues-

  • Unable to connect to the computer- You need to connect your device to your computer. Otherwise, your iTunes will not be able to detect your device.
  • iTunes is not Updated– If iTunes or iOS is not updated syncing can be a major issue.
  • Reinstalling driver– Drivers are needed for iTunes to connect to your iPhone.
  • Not able to check your Apple id– Just check if all your kit is signed into the right account. If not, syncing might be an issue.
  • Error- 54- You will encounter this error if you have stored music and other files in different folders.
  • Check your sync settings– Often the case might be that your iTunes is not properly set to sync.  


These were a few reasons that might be hampering your iTunes sync with iPhones.

However, users are usually curious to know how to sync music from iTunes to iPhones.  Support technical experts are here with the solutions.

How to sync songs from iTunes to iPhones?

You can sync nearly 3000 songs in just 5 minutes using AnyTrans. It allows you a preview to the list of songs from where you can choose which songs to sync and which not also at the same time it helps you manage your music library.

Another advantage of using AnyTrans is that it keeps all your data safe, simultaneously it allows you to all other types of files apart from music.


How to sync songs from iTunes to iPhones using AnyTrans-

Download AnyTrans on your computer, then connect your iPhone using the USB Cable and click the iTunes tab. Next, click the Music tab to preview and select the songs that you want to sync. Once, the process is overall your songs will be synced to your iPhone.

You can definitely sync music directly from iTunes to iPhones without using AnyTrans. For this, first, connect your iPhone to a computer and open iTunes. Choose Music and select the Sync Music option. Select the songs that you want to sync and click Apply to start syncing.