What to Look For in Perfect Running Shoes?

When you are about to take a plunge in the sport of running, you need the right shoes. A sturdy pair of Air Jordan will do the trick for you. Air Jordan has, over 30 years, evolved as a world-renowned brand. From producing Air Jordan 1 for Michael Jordan, the brand has become omnipresent in NBA and other major sports events with its legendary sneakers. You can find the coolest pairs of cheap Jordans easily online. Well, it’s not just the brands you need to look out for, you can find the perfect pair of running shoes in a local store down the lane as well.

So, here are the features of the running shoes you need!

1. Check the Sole

The soul of an excellent running shoe resides in its sole. The pump must have two layers of the outsole. One, the solid carbon rubber outsole which will come in contact with the track, and the blown rubber sole which will give the shoe its lightness and agility. Plus, the outsole should be well-treaded along with horizontal cuts acting as flex grooves. They give your feet the right flexibility when running long distances. A split-heel gives your feet further flexibility for heel-to-toe running.

2. The Midsole

When it comes to running shoes, it must make your feet comfortable and well placed. The cushioning material of the shoe lies in the midsole. It can be made up of EVA, which is limited in stability and durability, and Polyurethane is a denser and more stable material. The stiffer the material in the midsole is, the better will be the stability. Always consult the salesperson about the cushioning material used in the shoe so that you are comfortable in them for a long time.

3. The Outer Body of the Running Shoe

When it comes to proper running shoes, rather than going for the looks, check if the shoe’s outer cover will provide your foot with the desired protection. For added protection in the colder months, make sure you have socks for winter. Your shoe can be made up of a lightweight mesh or a heavy-duty leather. What you are looking for here is a snug fit. And you get it from the perfect combination of toe-box, heel counter, and Achilles notch.

If the toe-box is too small, it will hurt your toes and front-foot. Whereas, if it is too big, it is clear that the shoe is not the right fit. Allow space for your toes to breathe and fit with at least a 1-inch distance between the front of the shoe and the longest toe. Heel counters reinforce the heel and make it more stable while running, which may vary in degree of stiffness according to the material used in designing them.

The Achilles notch is the curve which protects the heel tissues from getting damaged. It is important because runners are quite likely to pull or tear their tendons in the heel when they fall while running.

No matter how good a shoe you buy, it needs to conform to the type of feet you have. Check if you have a low-arched, mildly-arched, or high-arched feet. The lower the arch in your feet, the more is the stability issues. So, always inform the salesperson about the arch so that they can find the right type for you.

Now that you know what you’ve to look out for wait no more and get running!