How To Fix Printer Error Code 20 ? Get Tech Help

You often experience printer error code when you upgrade Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. The new operating system eliminates the use of the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG or Software key in the registry settings when you do any upgradation. As a result of it, you can encounter printer error.

We have here brought you some solutions to resolve the problem of printer error code. Go through this article and hopefully you would be able to solve your issues. 

What causes printer error code 20?

There are many reasons which cause printer error code 20. You may face problems when

  1. Your printer is not set to default.
  2. Your printer drivers are missing or corrupted.
  3. The Windows registry is corrupted.
  4. Your computer has been infected with a virus.


How to fix printer not activated error code 20?

You must know how to fix printer not activated error code 20. Make sure that the connectivity between the computer and the printer is secure and their operating system has not been corrupted in any way. Always ensure to choose the right printer.

  1. Create the registry backup of your files.
  2. Create a system restore point.
  3. Repairing the Quickbooks program.
  4. Remove the application and reinstall it.
  5. Enter the registry editor.
  7. Run the virus scanner and scan your system thoroughly.
  8. Now set the printer as a default printer.

Setting a Default printer -Steps

The most important reason for error code 20 is that users select wrong printers to print their documents. That is why it is very important to set your printer as default. Follow the steps to configure a printer as a default printer.

  • Log into your system as an admin.
  • Opt for the control printer option. 
  • Make your desired printer as default now.

If you follow the above methods to resolve your printer error code problem, you can resolve your problems easily.You can resolve your issues relate to your printer by following the above mentioned steps. In case, if you are unable to detect and resolve the mistake-