Fix Skype Adobe Flash Error | Quick Fixes by Professionals at Support

Although errors are common, some can be a real headache for a non-tech-savvy person. Skype Adobe Flash Error is one of them. This error prevents Skype from proper functioning, especially on Windows 10.

Some users are getting Adobe flash security sandbox violation errors while using Skype. This error makes Skype freeze and becomes useless. It can be really annoying if you use Skype on a daily basis. If you are searching for affordable solutions, you have hit the right page for help. The experts have some solutions that you can try for resolving it instantly.

Steps To Resolve Skype Adobe Flash Error

Before you get into the solutions, update your Skype, Adobe, and OS.  If you still face the problem, try to solve them using the following steps:

  • Clear Temporary Files, Disable Skype Cookies, and Enable click to Call

For deleting the temporary files, open the run command by holding down windows and R keys. Type in %temp% and hit run. The temporary files folder will open. Select all and delete. Skip the ones that can’t be deleted.

Now go to the IE and move to tools. Go to internet options and then to the General option. Move to the browsing history and then select settings. Now, click the view files option. Select the temporary files folder and hit delete.

For disabling the Skype browser cookies, go to the Tools option in Skype. Then move to options, privacy, and then privacy settings. uncheck the box beside the option that says Accept Skype Browser cookies and doesn’t allow the Microsoft targeted ads. Also, don’t allow the use of Skype profile gender and age.

To enable Skype to click to call, open the Explorer, go to the settings, and then to add-ons. Locate the toolbar option. Make sure to enable Skype.

  • Disable Ads

Sometimes, this issue is caused due to ads. These ads corrupt the flash player in Skype causing the error. Block these ads, close the Skype and reopen it. See if the issue is resolved.

  • Roll Back The Security Updates

At times, a new security update can result in Adobe flash player error Skype. So, if you have recently made any updates and the error occurs even after that, there are two options. You can either uninstall the security updates or wait for another update.

  • Delete The Recently Added Unknown Contact

You might not realize it but if you have added a recent contact that is unknown to you, it can also be the reason for Skype Adobe flash error. It can be a bot, corrupting your application. Hence, remove if you have any contacts that you don’t know and then relaunch your Skype.

  • Uninstall And reinstall Skype and Adobe

If you aren’t able to get rid of the issue by any means, uninstall both the programs entirely and then reinstall them from their respective authentic websites. This would probably solve the problem.