How Does TV Affect Grades In College?

The TV, just like every other tech device, has its disadvantages. It takes a great deal of discipline not to be addicted to the TV. While they have so many great benefits of the TV, it has overwhelming disadvantages when abused. TV can negatively affect a student’s performance in college. While it may not be direct, it can take a toll on your college grades. Are you wondering how TV can indirectly affect your grades in college? Stick around as we take you through ways in which the TV can negatively affect a student’s grade. We don’t stand for educational television in the classroom considered to be useful for college studies.

1. TV’s Are Great Distractions

TV’s Are Great Distractions

When you can’t get enough of your favorite TV shows and stay glued to the TV even when you have coursework and essays to deal with, you are surely heading for an academic doom. It’s easy to get carried away when you have a TV and less self-control.

The TV plus unlimited internet access is equal to unlimited shows and new channels. All these pose a significant distraction to students and would cause them to lose focus and end up with bad grades.

2. Health Issues

Health Issues

Watching the TV for hours unending could lead to a series of health issues. From obesity caused by lack of activity to the deterioration of the eyes, watching the TV for so long to have adverse health issues that could indirectly affect your ability to focus in college. This would, in turn, lead to poor grades at the end of the session. Watching TV for a long time is an unhealthy habit. Just like every other habit, it develops with time and becomes difficult to let go.

3. Addiction


Some college students are addicted to their game consoles and TVs. Their day virtually revolves around playing video games as they cannot do without video games. TV addiction is real and takes a lot of effort to break. Students who suffer from such addiction miss classes, deadlines, and probably end up with poor grades by the end of each session.

The TV enables this addiction as most game consoles cannot work without a TV. Students who are game addicts can also get addicted to other similar vices such as drugs and violence, especially when not checked.

4. Withdrawal from Social Activities

Withdrawal from Social Activities

It’s easy for students who are addicted to TV to withdraw from social activities gradually. Such students find solace in spending time with their TV rather than their fellow students. This affects their social life and ability to mix with other students.

Thus, it would be easy for such a student to slip into depression and suffer from the adverse effects of such withdrawals. This would, in turn, affect their grade in college as they would lose their ability to concentrate in class or communicate their problems. Such students would find it challenging to finish college and are likely to drop out of school.

5. Distorted Sleep Pattern

Distorted Sleep Pattern

TV addiction can distort your sleeping pattern. This would leave your schedule in disarray. Imagine staying awake all night to follow your favorite TV channel only to miss your morning lectures the next day. The distortion could be mild, like sleeping less at night or as bad as staying awake all night and sleeping for the better part of the day.

Once you develop a distorted sleeping pattern, it would be difficult for you to meet up with your schedule in school. You would miss classes, school trips, assignments. This inconsistency would affect your grades by the end of the session.

How to Avoid Bad Grades from TV Addiction

While it’s challenging to get out of TV addiction, it is possible. The following tips will help you avoid ruining your college dreams by getting addicted to the TV.

1. Discipline

Once you get into college, you become free to make your choices, and no one would have to order you around. You can decide to move into your apartment and get a big screen for all your troubles. However, freedom comes with so much responsibility. You have to be responsible for your actions and inactions if you are going to succeed in college.

2. Stay Focused

After college, you would have enough time to watch TV shows or even see them live. But while you are in school, you have to set your eyes on the goal. Do not get carried away by TV shows as they are endless and inexhaustible. Time is a valuable asset for every college student. You don’t have to waste your time watching TV shows as every hour counts.

The following tips will help you stay focused while you are in college. Do not develop the habit of putting TV shows over your academics. While a college essay writing service like AdvancedWriters can help you with your academic work professionally, you need to take charge and stay focused.