Find Out Why You Should Avoid Drinking Bottled Water And What Makes It A Bad Practice

Drinking water is essential for humans and animals to survive on this planet. Moreover drinking safe and clean water is equally important for us as polluted water leads to a ton of disease that we never want to end up with. We are all aware that fresh drinking water is not easily available any more on the planet and almost every country is battling with the best and cheapest way to extract fresh drinking water.

Well in order to have access to clean drinking water we invented bottled packed water that seems the best option as it seems cleanest, purest and freshest drinking water option available. Turns out, it is not.

Here we are with 8 such facts about the bottled water that will leave you shocked:

1. It is killing the earth

How ironic it sounds, we invented plastic bottled water so we can get clean water, but eventually, these plastic bottles end up dumped into the river that pollutes the water in the first place. We really didn’t think it through, right? There are millions of plastic water floating in the oceans making it polluted and dirty and unfit for not only is but aquatic animals, too.

2. Plastic bottles contain hazardous chemicals

According to the source, most of the plastic, including the plastic bottles that are used to pack drinking water seeps estrogen hormone-like chemicals. You may have also noticed that bottled water sometimes tastes like plastic that is because being packed into the plastic bottles it starts reacting with the plastic and extracts its unhealthy plastic taste.

3. It is might not the be the purest water

We purchase bottled water because we are brainwashed that bottled water is the cleaning and purest form of water. It is not correct, the truth is tap water that is run by the government also meets also the drinking water standards, but chances are bottled water may not.

4. The first ever produced bottle is still there around us

Landfills are being overflowed with the water bottles and the bottles beneath the land is going nowhere. You may be shocked to know but even the first ever made plastic water bottle is still around somewhere on the earth.

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5. The process wastes a double amount of water

To produce one bottle of water around two bottles of water is wasted. Imagine how much water is being wasted every year to bring out millions of bottled water? It is killing the earth’s natural water resources gradually.

6. You are paying for the bottle and less for the water

We think we pay a high price for bottled water because it is pure. No, it is not the case. You pay a higher amount for bottled packed water because the production of bottle and packaging costs more than the product (water) inside it. You are paying the companies to make more bottles, and the water seems to come free with it.

7. Tap water is as safe as the bottled one

Excluding some areas (especially in India), tap water is the safest water. You can rely on tap water just as you do with bottled water. Before the tap water reaches you, it gets through safety tests just like the bottled water. In fact, chances are, bottled water companies may not go through all the safety standards that the tap water meets.

8. Bottled water is costing us non-renewable resources

What is striking me the most is the fact, that in order to produce bottles every year over 17 million barrels of oil is used. Not just it is exhausted the non-renewable natural fule but it is also causing us to pay high rates for petrol. So, do we really need bottled water, at this cost?