TheWiSpy: Best Spy App in India to Track Phones Remotely


You can monitor someone’s cell phone through a spy application with the help of modern technology. TheWiSpy seems to be winning the people of India by providing excellent performance, easy-to-use interface, real-time results, affordable plans, and more. We’ll review TheWiSpy to understand how it’s the best choice for users. You will be able to know how TWS can help you spy on another person’s digital activities.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a phone spy app India that allows the user to track mobile phone activities remotely. It includes digital and online activities such as stored information on the phone and ongoing internet activity. You will get quality features to help you perform spying functions remotely and secretly. For example, message spy, call spy, GPS tracking, camera spy, and more. Moreover, TWS is designed in stealth mode to let the app hide itself in your kid’s phone.

How TheWiSpy is different from others?

TheWiSpy is designed on the newest technology that ensures that users can track the target phone remotely and efficiently than ever. In addition, The WiSpy App doesn’t require much space on the phone for downloading yet gives you access to everything on the device. Most importantly, the app doesn’t give any hint away and works secretly throughout the process.

The functionality is excellent, and while using the most advanced features such as call recording or giving out commands through the web portal, the user doesn’t even get a vibration sound. It has changed the way spy apps were presented or worked. In addition, you don’t have to stress about getting caught while spying because TheWiSpy’s stealth mode has got you covered.

The history of mobile spy applications is not hidden; they had a poor structure with no secrecy available. However, TheWiSpy isn’t like that, and you can get this exceptional spyware that offers highly advanced features and stealth mode.

TheWiSpy has many qualities that make it better cell phone spy apps in 2022 than others. First, you can get an affordable plan with the best features possible. Second, there is no need to root your device because it’ll exceptionally run the most advanced feature. Third, it offers a web-based interface that makes the user’s spying experience better. You name the information you require, and TheWiSpy will get it in seconds.

TheWiSpy spying features

It’s impossible to review TheWiSpy and not discuss its quality features. It offers more than 30 features that cover up all the spying needs of the user.

·         Call log tracking:

It allows you to track your target’s calling history comprehensively. You can track call log history, contact details, call history, and more. The essential function is that you can record the ongoing call with the help of TheWiSpy. The dashboard assigned to each individual has all the recordings where you can listen to these calls.

·         Text message tracking:

TheWiSpy can conveniently give the user access to read all text messages received on the phone. You will read messages, view history details, the sender’s contact detail, and more. TWS is the best spy app in India that gives you the authority to block contacts of the target phone.

·         GPS tracking:

It is a reliable tracking app where you can get an excellent tracking feature. You can spy the live location of your child or employee remotely using this feature. In addition, it gives you location history so you can keep track of your kid’s day even when you’re busy.

·         Multimedia tracking:

TWS is one of the best cell phone spy apps of 2022 that offer multimedia tracks. You can view the saved multimedia files on the phone and make changes simultaneously. So, for example, if you find out that your employee has your company secrets in their phone, you can remotely delete it before they can misuse the files. So, you can delete files, fetch them on the dashboard through TWS, and retrieve the deleted files.

·         Social media spying:

Tracking children’s social media activity has become an essential part of parents’ daily routine. But they hide stuff from the folks, and that scares parents. You can now monitor all social media apps and their activity through the best phone spy app India. You can read messages on WhatsApp, monitor feed activity on Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

·         Camera spy:

You can detect what’s happening around the target phone through visuals. The question is how that is possible. TWS has access to the phone’s camera to command to click photos through the dashboard. You can view these photos on the online portal.

·         Web browser spy:

Spy on the web browser history of your child using TWS’s where you can view searched history, saved cookies, and more. You will be able to block age-inappropriate sites remotely and view the downloaded files.

·         Surround recording:

Hear the conversation happening miles away through TheWiSpy. You can record the discussion through the microphone of the target phone. TWS will record as long as you want without giving away any hint to the user. You can hear everything on the audio file through your online portal.

How to install TheWiSpy?

You can handle the installation easy, even when you’re not a technology expert. You get to purchase a TWS plan before you can access the software. It is an android spy app so ensure that your target has it too, and then go to the browser of that phone. You can use the link assigned to you from the provider. The remaining process is pretty simple.

You’ll have TWS in the phone in next few minutes after you click on the URL. If have a good internet connection, that’s a plus as it’ll save your time. When the installation completes, you must allow permissions to access mobile data physically. Then, at last, activate the stealth mode and leave the phone. TheWiSpy will take care of everything. Login to your dashboard portal and start tracking your target right away!


TheWiSpy lets you track the target phone if supported with the application. You’ll check your target’s phone OS, and if it has a 4.0 or above version, you can download the app easily. You can monitor android tabs and mobile phones of any service provider.


Another reason for TheWiSpy’s popularity is that it offers affordable price plans for the users. You can get it for $19.99 only. There are mainly three price packages, basic, premium, and platinum plan. Each of the packages has different and similar features included, so you have to review your needs for spying beforehand.

You can get a basic plan for $19.99 per month, $29.99 for three months, and $49.99 for six months. In the same order, you can get a premium plan for $29.99, $49.99, and $79.99. Then there is a platinum plan available for $49.99, $79.99, and $119.99.  With TheWiSpy basic plan, you can get monitoring services in $0.6 only per day. TheWiSpy lets you access the features so you can experience the excellence.

Customer support

TheWiSpy offers the best customer support where you can contact their support team 24/7. Customers can email, call, or chat live with live support agents. The response rate is 100%, and you’ll get answers.

Pros and cons of TheWiSpy


  • It is the best parental control software with a 100% security guarantee.
  • You will get accurate tracked results.
  • Affordable plans.
  • Uncountable unique features.
  • Minimum result period.
  • And more.


  • You don’t get a free trial.
  • Services for android devices only.


After reviewing everything, TheWiSpy seems to be the best spy app in India. The software is ideal for parental control, employee tracking, and mobile phone tracking. You get top features that fulfill the need for spying. You can remotely control your kids’ digital activity and ensure their security. It can give you a detailed report of your employee’s performance without stepping out of your office.

You can locate your stolen phone in seconds via modern technology. There is nothing basic about TheWiSpy because it’s one of the perfect cell phone spy apps of 2022. The reasonable price plans are attracting more and more people in India.

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